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EVs: ?...
Item: ?...
Nature: Modest
As you can see there is something missing.
I'm not going to change the things I've done!

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Too late to EV train unles you have those berries.

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EVs: I don't know either becase I don't know how they work, but I would just train him normally, like leveling up.
Ability: Thick fat (if you want, if you are able to get one from the dream world in gen 5)

        Snow Cloak (oblivious won't be very useful since there aren't many Pokemon that will use attract on you. There are more that will make Hail so you're evasion will be raised.)

Item: nevemeltice
If I were you I would remove Blizzard since it's a special and his special is the worst and give him avalanche since it's a psyhical move.
Also about that missing move I would give him ice fang.
Just go to a move tutor with a heart scale (you can get them from the pokeathlon exchange corner or by smashing rocks) and go to the move tutor in Blackthorn City and teach him ice fang.
Also I don't recommend Hail, go with Ice Shard.
just to recap:

Ice Shard
Ice Fang


ability: Thick fat (for gen 5)

        Snow Cloak (for any others)

Hope this helps :)

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Why 3 Ice-type moves. that is just wasting move-slots. Get rid of Ice fang or avalanche and put on Stone Edge, Rock Slide, or Super Power
its his moveset, he can do whatever he likes
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NOTE: With EVs you probably already have some, seeing as you have already trained Mamoswine. Because there is a limit to the amount of EVs you can get, you will just have to try to give it the EVs I mention, and you may not have the exact amount I reccomended.
Attack 252
SA 252(modest nature will help with normally bad SA)
HP 4

Item: Nevermeltice or Icicle Plate

Double Edge(I wouldn't recommend hail unless most or all of the other Poke'mon in the team won't take hail damage)
Ice Shard(makes up for low Speed)

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*facepalm* forgot to change hail.
well I recommend ice shard too, that's what I had put on my Mamoswine
Permission to edit?
Permission given.
You're welcome.
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EVs: I'm like Artist KS I don't know a thing.
Ability: Snow Cloak (I know you didn't ask for the ability but I wanted to add it in anyway)
Item: Icy Rock
Ice fang/Avalanche (instead of blizzard better accuracy an physical instead of special)
Rock Slide/Stone Edge
Hope you like it :)

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I would replace the Icy Rock with NeverMeltIce because it provides better defense against fire, while boosting ice moves.
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Here is a great physical Mamoswine set.

Mamoswine @ Life Orb/Choice Band
Trait: Thick Fat
Nature: Adamant
EVs: 4 HP/ 252 Atk/ 252 Spe

Icicle Crash
Stone Edge
Ice Shard

The point os this set? Simple. Earthquake and Icicle Crash are his two most powerful STAB moves. The two of them combined can hit everthing in its Tier either super or normal effectively! Plus, with his massive 130 base attack, he wil put massive dents in any Pokemon that decides to stay in and try to counter. Stone Edge adds coverage and allows him to hit even more Pokemon super effectively. Last, Ice Shard allows him to revenge kill a lot of Pokemon and not just breloom, Dragonite, Latios, and Salamence. With the added power from Life Orb or Choice band, he can usually at least 2HKO almost any Pokemon in the OU tier!!

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