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Are they related?
They both look very much alike.
Their species are both "Fish Pokemon"
They both have the same total stat base, 200
They both evolve into serpent-like Pokemon.
Feebas into Milotic
Magikarp into Gyarados
Even when they evolve their stat base is the same, 540
and as I said they are both serpent-like Pokemon
I know it doesn't say anything in the pokedex, but don't they?

they even have identical movesets.

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My opinion on the topic

Magikarp and Feebas are like other "duos" in Pokemon. Others include Metapod and Kakuna, or Beautifly and Dustox. They're created as a sort of duo that people would like to use purely for their novelty. They could have changed along the evolutionary line of growth throughout the ages, who knows?

This is just my two cents, it is not necessarily true, but I hope I helped even a little!

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