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What pokemon has the highest attack taking into account abilities, moves etc?

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Deoxys-attack has the highest base attack of any pokemon, standing at a whopping 180. But that's just stats. there are ways to still have some particular pokemon with the highest attack. Marowak has a base attack of 80, but when holding a thick club, his attack power is doubled. With Proper training, this can make it a very powerful pokemon. Medicham has the ability Pure power, doubling its attack power. same thing with Azumarill and huge power. Rampardos has the highest attack power of any non legendary pokemon with an astounding 165 base power. Pikachu has doubled power with a light ball. There are other ways to boost for high attack, like stat boosts, the combinations are numerous. Some other pokemon with high attack are:

You can go here and see the list from highest to lowest of every pokemon's stats.

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Anger Point maxes out attack, although this requires being hit by a critical-hit. The move Belly Drum also maxes out attack stat. You can also make it seem like your Pokemon has a higher Attack stat by lowering your opponents defense. Holding the choice Band also increases a Pokemon's attack stat.
Thanks to both of you. I need a good physical sweeper with low speed and defenses. Know any? preferably a rock or ground type.
Rampardos. He has high attack, but all his other stats are pretty low. Rypherior can work too, but he has high defenses, and that doesn't really fit your answer. There are others too.
I don't know why you want a sweeper with low speed. Rampardos has high attack, low speed, and low defenses. If you made a mistake and want a Pokemon with both high attack and Speed, Garchomp is an excellent choice.
I smell a trick room set. Assuming you meant to say low speed.
Of course, Trick Room. I should have thought of that. However, why low defensive stats? Rhyperior would be an incredible choice with Trick Room.
I do want one with low speed. I like playing mind games with my opponent. The guy I faced before rematched me, and I have a plan to beat his team (he really only uses sweepers)The way I see it, they see that pokemon out, they just think I'm trying to sweep them, and he'll try to take them out first. So by sending out this frail pokemon, he'll go straight into attacking. That's when I switch to my straegy pokemon, trap him in, and begin setting up my real strategy. He has high speed pokemon, So I want My slow walls and slow sweepers to destroy him with trick room, after setting up a few entry hazards, or toxi-stalling a bit. I'm still working out the details. The low defense is to better entice my opponent to attack me. Plus I can use that to my advantage and use pokemon like wobbuffet or maybe shedinja ( if I feel lucky) and get essentially a free switch.
If you want low Speed and high attack, Curse can also work very well.
I understand now, bait your opponent so they waste a turn. Then switch into a real plan. But When people see Rampardos, most of the time you have a trick room pokemon to help him out, if all of your pokemon have low speed, you cover is blown. Perhaps have a few fast ones to throw them off. (plus if you trick roomer faints, your only have slow walls too damaged to do their job. )
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The highest possible Attack you can get is baton Passing Iron Defense to a Shuckle, and using Power Swap. By doing this, you double your Defense Stat, resulting in a maximum possible Attack stat of 1228.

Pairing this with a STAB Stone Edge or capped Gyro Ball, results in the most powerful moves in the game, capable of emptying any hacked Pokemon's 999HP (theoretically).

Of course, you already picked a great answer, but I figured I'd answer the question in a different way (A more literal way, that is :P).

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Wow. Just wow. That is very poweful.
Just get Mr.Mime with Baton Pass, Iron Defense (No lie, he learns it), and Trick Room ready. Iron Defense makes Mr.Mime survive longer, and makes this easier to pull off.

With the Max Defense, activate Trick Room, then Baton Pass in Shuckle, and use Power Swap. Voila!

If you survive that one turn of vulnerability, you basically win. :P

EDIT: Oh right, when you need to survive a turn, that's where you make Shuckle hold Focus Sash!
I wonder why the game developers gave Mr. mime iron defense, seeing as he already had barrier.
Obviously, they used it, alongside Barrier, to counter Imprison, because Imprison is SOOOOOOO common.

All sarcasm and joking aside I agree. It's pretty pointless. :P