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The 12 characters tag is there because just writing expert wasn't enough characters.
I got 6000+ points again.
I can edit questions and answers on Pokebase, but not Meta or RMT because I'm still registered user on Pokebase.
Just wondering because of the System flaw shenanigans, if you are handpicking from now on or something.

Question is: Am I going to be promoted to Expert on Pokebase? That way, I can edit here on Meta and the RMT as well.
I'm an active user, so I could probably provide some help.

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Okay, to clear things up (on my part of being able to edit here and BS), I could edit everywhere  in the DB. Around when Mew posted the hierarchy question, I lost my powers for a short while. After a day, I regained my powers. I think that Pokemaster picked me to be expert again.
Chillax Hex; it is just a power to edit stuff.
Just be patient and allow Pokemaster time to address this for you.
Sam I meant it's annoying getting a second wave of point limit for RMT and Meta.
Ahh l see l see; but it makes sense.

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The Expert thing is a remnant from the past when I manually gave people the permissions when they got points. Now it's done automatically, we shouldn't really have anyone labelled as Expert.

I like people needing to get to a points level on a particular section to get editing privileges. The 3 sections are different so if you are good at one doesn't mean you know what should be edited on another. You are not far off the points requirement so don't worry about it, you'll get the permissions soon enough.

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Thanks for answering, I appreciate it :)