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What would happen if you got 6,000 points, and then downvoted someone later on? Would you lose Expert status, or keep it? If you lose it, what would happen if you previously edited a question?

Lol, sorry about all these questions o3o

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If you break rules or get banned, you lose it. If we find out you cheated, we remove all the spam votes and demote you.

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So, lesson learned, don't get caught.

...just kidding, of course.
What did Whatson do?
He trolled. He's back from his ban now, though.
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Well you wouldn't lose your expert status. The only way you can lose it if Pokemaster of the mods/Editors take your expert status away. Also you don't become an expert at 6,000 points unless you're worthy of the Expert title.

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Like me, i'm not worthy ....yet! o3o
According to how I was promoted, I think if you have 6,000 ponts + No Expert title you can only edit stuff on the Pokebase. However, when a mod finally gives you the Expert title on your profile you have the ability to edit anything on any category. :3
Gee thanks for stating the obvious indi :P
The obvious deserved to be stated. :3