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Please Nobody but Pokemaster edit this. (That means you, trachy) That actually means something.

I hid any meta questions that have already been resolved, like the one suggesting a way to kick users off the chat, since we already got a solution to it. I also compiled a few of the questions in one place for you, that way you can just slash edit if you choose to do them.

From Previous compilation post:

  • I was thinking about something like the current vote tally system, but shows # of flags. This would help mods find "rage flaggers". (TheUltimateShyguy)
  • maybe add-on for chat Like Gold star for you, Red one for Editors and Blue for Experts. I am talking about online list on right, of course.
  • Put in a map for each place, similar to Serebii'sPokearth.
  • Creating an itemdex. (which I believe you are doing)
  • Including previous generation TMs on the moveset calculator, and smeargle on every entry.
  • Adding an ability restriction to the moveset searcher. (ex, finding a pokemon with levitate that can learn earthquake)
  • Listing the users alphabetically.
  • Suggesting allowing questions not to be answered after best answer has been awarded.
  • Listing Priority moves under the "special moves" category.
  • Create a way to search for users. (suggested multiple times)
  • Adding comments on user pages. (suggested multiple times)
  • Make it so that moderators are able to move questions around the pokebase, meta, and Subway.
  • Putting up a guide to the global link.
  • A point counter to show how many points somebody earned over the course of a year, month week, etc.
  • making the comment button bigger so new users can see it easily.
  • Having a separate area for answers without a best answer, similar to the unanswered. (sam sam sam sam)
  • A wild pokemon hold item page (speed freak)
  • Have a "trainer tips" page where people can put suggestions for getting through certain parts of the games.
  • Suggest adding special moves. (gamecube exclusive) I notice for example you are missing Baton Pass for Lunatone and Solrock, as well as Wish for Blissey. (trachy)
  • Making a dream World guide.
  • "I'm on a quest to catch all ~700 Pokemon in either Black or White, and obviously I'll need to trade Pokemon from other games and previous generations. So I've been trying to find a Pokedex that has a table with all Pokemons as rows, and all games as columns, and each cell will show whether or not the Pokemon can be gotten in that game in ANY way besides trading, whether it be as a starter, an event, a gift or whatever. But I've found no such Pokedex. So this is my suggestion to you, to add such a table to your website."-(Themepark)
  • Make it possible for the users to help you edit move and ability descriptions so they are more in depth. (god knows how many suggestions)
  • Adding the pokemon stadium desciptions and movesets )It's not really important but, I thought it would be pretty neat. (Fannypack 101)
  • Adding special moves from the dream world (Speed freak)
  • "So I think it would be a neat idea, to put a strip of text with a little color coated high light, stating that the section is for competitive teams, not to play through the game with, because I've been seeing a lot of questions for ingame teams, that just immediately get flagged and commented on, and the user doesn't really know what to do about it, so they either hide it, or someone else hides it."-tooJosh4U
  • I think that it should be a requirement for a user, that if they answer an RMT question, that they at least give suggestions, for half of the team members ( 3 for Singles, 4 for doubles ), and normally suggestions being more than, - Change nature to Jolly - - Change nature to Timid - - Change nature to Naive --
  • And I finally, I suggest having a different rules page for the RMT section.
    Currently when you click rules from the RMT section, you pop up in a page where it's talking about Pokebase rules at the top primarily, and you don't get your RMT rules till the very bottom, although in the Summary for the lazy, you see that all RMT questions go in the BS. I think we need to just have a seperate rules page altogether, where you get a bit in depth on the requirements for an RMT Q/A.
  • Putting more than four types on the type coverage checker.
  • God only knows how many suggestions for a private messaging or friending system there were.


  • This page uses Keldeo's Japanese name at the bottom of the page. (secret sword's description)
  • Psychic's move page says "May decreases the opponent's Special Defense by one stage. (10% chance)"
  • "When you look at the page for embbeded tower it says that groudon kyogre and rayquaza for heartgold and soulsilver are common. shouldnt they be limited?"-(hydreigonrocks)
  • "It says you can find them all on both Black and White; but, you can't. Vullaby and Mandibuzz can only be found on Black; and, Rufflet and Braviary can only be found on White." (Pullerush)
  • http://pokemondb.net/black-white/gymleaders-elitefour#e4_5 You have Alder's Japanese name. Plus you say rematch even though Alder's Pokemon never change. (Ninja)-
  • Fly, but the move Smack Down has been written as Knock Down.... Can you change this to Smack Down, as this may confuse some users
  • On the Trump Card page, it says that it has 100, but in all the other Sites, it says it has Infinite Accuracy. Maybe when you have a chance, you can fix that little error. Thanks Pokemaster. (↑¡iNverted!↓)
  • "Okay, it says in there [the sheer force move description page] that Sheer Force will not activate for moves with recoil. For an example, you used Flare Blitz. However, Flare Blitz will get the boost from Sheer Force. I would suggest another recoil attack, such as Double-Edge. (trachy)
  • Volcarona should be listed as one of the pokemon weak to stealth rock on its move page.
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thank you for putting the trainer's tip page i really need it
i thought i asked a q about the coverage checker a few months ago....?  never mind, im not important enough.
I haven't finished compiling everything, and I also hid stuff that's covered under another suggestion.
Ha ha! Take that DT. I bolded one of the errors in order to make it more clear to Pokemaster what the problem is.

But good job.
hey! the knock down one was mine!
I wasn't trying to give credit, and just stopped halfway through. It's not going to matter who suggested what, especially since this will just get deleted in parts over time.
It means nothing actually unless it comes from Pokemaster himself. I'll edit what I want in order to make his job easier.
Fine, whatever. But if you're going to change stuff, at least have the courtesy to say what you changed. The reason I dont't like it bent edited is that there are too many people able to do it and this is a prettly large body of text. I dont't like having the two together and having stuff messed around with.
And I quote

"I bolded one of the errors in order to make it more clear to Pokemaster what the problem is."

I'll treat this as I expected the tiers to be treated, don't you worry.
I know, but I say that for everyone reading this, not just you. I really don't like when tons of people make amends to things like this. You weren't the only one to edit this.

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Wow, nice work DT, thanks! I will try and get through some of these this week.

EDIT: just to check on a few things...

"It says you can find them all on both Black and White; but, you can't. Vullaby and Mandibuzz can only be found on Black; and, Rufflet and Braviary can only be found on White." (Pullerush)

Where does it say this, anyone know? It's not on the page of B/W exclusive Pokemon.

Plus you say rematch even though Alder's Pokemon never change.

That is intentional, since it's on the rematch of the E4. It's there to make it clear that you don't fight Alder the first time.

Giving users the ability to edit profile pages.

Does this mean for mods to be able to edit profile pages? Because users can already edit their own profile.

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I believe the first one is under the pokemon's locations page for black and white. These three links I think. Though from the looks of it, it's already been resolved.

The second one as you said, is already resolved.

The third one does mean for mods to be able to edit their pages. That was when people were posting inappropriate stuff, personal information like phone numbers, and the "people I dislike" lists.
Thanks, it was the Pokedex pages for Mandibuzz/Braviary. They say Black and White, just another bug.