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Before proceeding, please check your question was not asked already:

Pokemaster, you really need to put more AI into that. It will stop repeat questions, because TBH it isn't helping at all.

When I asked this question: (Nothing similar)
What was the First Pokemon DB Question asked
I have a suggestion for your future upgrade of the Pokebase!
Have it so that it says what somebody was banned for when they are banned.
Please unban me already!
To Pokemaster: Suggestion for Experts, Editors, and Moderators.
Battle Subway questions asked?

Example: (Already asked)
What are all the games?
Before proceeding, please check your question was not asked already:
What are all the TMs and HMs in all the Pokemon Generation Games?
Are evs the same in all ds games?
What are all of the pokemon spinoff games?
What are ALL the differences between Pokemon White and Pokemon Black?
What are all the "drastic" moves?
What are all the derp Pokemon?

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Agreed, this whole repeat question thing is getting annoying. Also, it's always the same Users doing this, even though they were told to stop.
Yup. Pretty much.

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It's quite hard to do that actually. Often the questions are asked with different wording so it's impossible to determine the other question is a similar one.

For this question that you asked, I doubt there are even any similar questions that could have been shown there. But I'll see if there is any way to improve the results for questions to counter the duplication.

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