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I strongly push for being made expert only if you are chosen to be made an expert by you or the moderators.

So if you choose for them to be an expert, tuh-duh EXPERT.

That goes without saying.

But for us Moderators, we have to have two people say yes to them being experts (not a majority due to Swampert being somewhat infrequent.)

http://pokemondb.net/pokebase/user/MAGI- F***ING -KARP
DT votes him for Expert. Trachy votes him for Expert.
He is now expert.
(Pointless Example to bring this back up)

Edit: With the new promotions, three people should be needed.

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Yeah, I'd agree with this.
I agree.

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I'm not sure about this. Have we had an problems with people being given editing powers? It's still a lot of points that you need, you don't get there overnight.

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I've seen a specific user really abusing their powers in one of the off sections. Meta especially is insanely easy to get points in with tournaments and the PO username questions and such.
I got 110 ( Over a fifth of the points required for expert on meta ) off of the PO username question alone.
You can use my name Josh...
I think one of the problems is the fact that because editing powers come with points it encourages people to spam upvote each other.
Josh, you got 55 :P. As for the Pokebase, points shouldn't matter, since they are easy to get nowadays. I think it should be if the Mods recommend them.
Meta points.. you confuzzle me :/