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This is just my suggestion.

I was thinking, maybe there could be a forum somewhere on the Pokebase or something. It would make us more of a community.

This is just my suggestion

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We have a chat room, I do not see any need for a forum aside from maybe posting offers/requests for trades.
yes, I was thinking that instead of posting tournaments in the Meta (I meant, i is a Q/A) we could do it on the forum. also, on chat is where everyone has to be on. On the forum, you can wait a day or so b4 someone writes something back. Because not everyone is on at the same time.
I believe I remember saying Pokemaster designed much of this site around the fact that he hated the Forum system and how disorganized and messy it was.
Yes dt is right forums are messy but I'm actually for this idea as long as it gets out of controll.
On the forums we could discuss new games films ect even have guides.
But I think that would make us to much like smogon.
Yeah, Pokemaster doesn't like them. Especially signatures.

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I'm not a massive fan of forums in general, but that is mainly down to the horrible forum software that is out there. The software we use here is actually pretty good, for Q&A at least.

I created a Q&A site because I wanted to do something a bit different and unique, that hopefully people get something out of in the future (e.g. looking up information). That's different to a forum where after a few weeks or months, the discussion is not worth reading through.

However, I do think a more open-ended discussion area would be good for this site because not everything is a black and white "this is the correct answer" type thing. The chat room serves this somewhat, but often people just want to read a few comments and leave their reply, not all having to be online at the same time.

So it's certainly possible something will happen in the future. I'm very likely going to add a poll section which should serve part of what a forum does. After that... we'll see!

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