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Like Tags Such As This-Is-A-Question-Asked-By-????
And So On... Are They Allowed?

I Need A List Of Tags That Are Not Allowed.

Thanks! :)

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Basically, anything that isn't relevant to the question, including joke nonsense things like "to hide or not to hide, that is the question." The point of the tags is to make it easier for people searching for those things when the key words pop up. Also, here are a few others:

"Question"-You don't have to put this in since it's understood to be a question.

"Pokemon"-It's Pokemondb, so if it wasn't about pokemon, it would've been hidden, right? This doesn't really narrow things down.

the idea is to extract the key points of what you're asking, and put them into small words, i.e. tags.

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Thanks! :)
You know, "to hide or not to hide" is a tag Pokemaster made.
Speed Freak made it.
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Tags should be keywords related to the actual question. If you ask a question about Black/White, then black-white should be a tag. If you ask a question about Staraptor, then staraptor should be a tag. Similarly for moves, items etc where appropriate.

The point of tags is to find questions in the subjects you're interested in (or know most about in the case of answering them). Stuff like "this is a question asked by" are overly long and pretty much pointless, that's why I edited it our of your questions.

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Srry PM I Chose DT's But Thanks Anyway! :)