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trachy's rules:

These battles use Smogon tiers.

  • One NFE battle. NFE Pokemon in the NU tier and higher are not allowed.
  • One PU battle. NFE Pokemon are allowed.
  • One Little Cup battle.
  • One NU battle. Lower tiers can be used.
  • One RU battle. Lower tiers can be used.
  • One UU/DW UU battle. Your choice.
  • One OU/DW OU battle. Your choice.
  • One Uber/DW Uber battle. Your choice.
  • One OU Doubles/Hackmons battle (OU DOubles if PO, Hackmons if PS).
  • Here's how it works. You go through all nine battles. But if you lose a battle, instead of going back to the start of the Elite 4, you instead go back to the battle of the previous tier. If you lose the NFE battle, you'll be kicked back to start.
  • I will challenge you. Freeze, Sleep, No Timeout, Self-KO, Species, and (sometimes) No Spectator and Wi-Fi will be in effect.
  • All these rules are to be taken into effect. There is a hyperlink on the word "these".
  • Banned moves are: Baton Pass, Endeavor, Gravity, Trick Room, Attract, Hail, Sandstorm, Sunny Day, Rain Dance, Mud Slap, and Acupressure.Also banned are accuracy reduction non-attacking moves (Flash, Sand-Attack, etc.)
  • Banned abilities are: Serene Grace, Shadow Tag, Arena Trap, Sand Stream, Snow Warning, Drought, and Drizzle
  • Banned items are: Quick Claw, Razor Claw, Razor Fang, Scope Lens, King's Rock, Focus Band, Soul Dew, Lax Incense, and Brightpowder
  • Banned Pokemon are: Shedinja, Ditto, and Riolu
  • For Hackmons, the only rule is no weather inducing moves or abilities, as well as no Trick Room and no Gravity.
  • Not following these rules will lead to an instant loss and you going back to the first member of the E4. It might be best for you to ask me if your teams are legit though.

  • Play this music during our battle. Not needed, it just makes things so much more epic. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PXDEscgiTa8

If you record our battle and put it on Youtube (music to play it to needs to be the song I just put, One Final Effort) that would be amazing. You made it this far, so I know you to be an excellent battler, having beaten not only all the Gym Leaders (including my brother) but also my previous Elite 4 members. So we should have people experience our battles.

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if you made the answer reach its limit how will SF edit his part in  XD
Nah, I think it looks better having it as a link instead of an answer that people will have to look for because it won't be part of the best answer.

And I cut out all my rules and posted a link instead so that others could put in anything they need.
oh cool
I really really suggest best out of 7, the first one to four wins. Way more easier. That's how it works in hockey and it is really easy and less longer.
I'm set on doing what I have and that's the way it's going to be.
OMG you added PU as well?

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7th Gym:

(Trent here) Okay, here is how this is going to work. You have to win both these challenges to get the Beacon Badge. You need to beat Ninja and Trent. So you need to beat Ninja 4 times and Trent once. To make things fair, if you beat one, losing to the other doesn't mean you have to rebeat the first one you beat. And you can challenge us on the same day!

(Ninja here) Basically you face Ninja first. If you lose, you face Ninja tomorrow. If you win, you face Trent. Contact trachy to face him. If you lose to Trent, you face Trent tomorrow. If you beat Trent, you advance!

Showdown and Pokemon Online are both permitted in this gym. If you have both, the challenger may decide the simulator of choice.


So, think you got game? You have done well to get this far. But what
if your skills were put even further to the test? What if you went
into a battle, not even knowing your team? What if a random team of
Pokemon were given to you and you were forced to use them? Challenge Cup time!

All Clauses, including Challenge Cup.
Battles are best of 7.
No switching during the battle. Spice things up.
Moves banned: Stealth Rock, Toxic Spikes, Spikes.


While somewhat like Challenge Cup, what I'll be doing is using the randint feature on a calculator to select six numbers. These numbers will correspond to a PokeDex number. The six numbers chosen will be the team the challenger is given. They can then do whatever they want to the Pokemon.

Then, a number between one and seventeen will be selected by the challenger. I have 17 premade teams (none of them unfair, using a mix of tiers) and the number chosen will correspond to the team I will use.

You get one redo, to get a new team. Careful, it might end up being worse!

If you get a Pokemon with multiple forms, you get to choose which form to use.

You can lead with whatever of the Pokemon you got you want.

While the Pokemon you get is important, perhaps even more important is the team you choose for me to use. Some of them are pretty easy, while a couple use more powerful Pokemon!

Quick Claw, Razor Claw, Razor Fang, Scope Lens, King's Rock, Focus Band, Lax Incense, and Brightpowder are banned. No Fear sets. One Battle. These rules apply: http://www.smogon.com/bw/banlist/

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Pika: Milotic, Quilava, Growlithe, Azurill, Lampent, Claydol. 17
Flame: Charmander, Kyurem (can be any form), Victreebel, Venonat, Zangoose,Nidorino. 9
yeah im on der first >:D
Ninja, one thing you can't really do. Ban hazards. The simulator will give you random moves, which cannot be controlled.
I can ban using them.