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#1. NU and RU have been released - the League will be delayed until they are stabilised.

2. As you know, Mr Flaf has essentially withdrawn his position of GL. Anyone who wishes to apply for the GL UU Position need only to ladder, and provide the judges with decent* replays. Another tier MAY OR MAY not replace UU as well. Don't know. Will discuss. o3o.

*So what is a decent replay? Basically we don't want to see a one-pokemon-sweep of yours, or a one-pokemon-sweep of the opponent (You do not need to win for it to be a decent replay). We also do not want to see a hax-filled battle where you freeze or flinch your opponent every second turn - that proves you're lucky. Nothing about your skill.

So as we all know the previous leagues have somewhat failed. However, the main problem with that league was that:
1. It was way to big. 8 GL's + 4 E4 + 1 Champ = 13 Users just in the league! I don't think Pokebase is up to that yet. We have to start small, work our way up to large.
2. The main Battleground was on Showdown, and last time we had about 5 - 7 users on a day. Now, we have around 20 users everyday!

So Mike gave me permission to start a smaller league. Same concept, less GL's.
The new idea is:

  • We have 5-6 GL's (We can shorten is to 4 but that would be really small)
  • 4 E4. I guess it could be 2 E4 but then that wouldn't be Elite 4 would it :P
  • 1 Champion, as usual. (Hex or Mew probs xP)

That's only 10 - 11 people out of the 20 that come on daily

Sure some people left, but there are many new faces that can challenge the league and it doesn't have to be big, there's no problem with it being small, and I'm sure come summer time we'll get even more :)

Also don't forget, in the event that this one is too big, we can do 4 GL / 2 E4 / 1 Champ, but that's plan 2.

So how about it, DB? New Year, New League!

enter image description here

Hello DB, it's that time of year again! Yep, the DB League is finally in action.
So the judges have decided; since the Ru and Nu beta's are taking forever to activate, we are starting the League a little bit earlier than expected. However remember, upon the release of Gen 6 RU and NU Beta, the Gym Leader decisions may be reconsidered. You will essentially have to reshow us that you can battle in those tiers, just in Gen 6.
Also note to all unsuccessful candidates - Remember that the league was designed on the basis of 'good' but not op. We, the judges made the decision to eliminate the Players who were deemed at a level too high for the League.

- DoctorFlame
- MrKijani
- Sempiternus
- Stay_Silent
- Aeternis
- Psychic x
And no they did not vote for themselves. :3

Welcome, the New DB League!

(#Anti Dramatic)

Gym Leaders

Gym Leader 1 - 5th Gen NU/6th Gen NU
Dr Dude

Gym Leader 2 - 5th Gen RU/6th Gen RU

Gym Leader 3 - 6th Gen Ubers

Gym Leader 4 - 6th Gen OU

Gym Leader 5 - 6th Gen UU

Elite 4

tazzie - 6th Gen OU

Ludicobro - 6th Gen Ubers

Aeternis - Double Battles

Psychic x- 6th Gen UU

Champion: Mewderator

Guidlines for League

  1. A battle is not counted as an official match unless the Challanger states so before the match.
  2. GLs (E4s as well) are not allowed to deny a match, unless for a valid reason eg. School in 5 minutes or something like that
  3. All the normal etiquitte stuff

Deathless Walk

A majority of judges, and various other members of the league have agreed to this. So therefore. the Deathless Walk will be going ahead.

To see details please read this. Feel free to comment on your opinion of this.

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- Beats people high on the ladder
- Still saks anyway

(͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
:c so rude. when is this league going to start btw? no pressure or anything of course. was just wondering :3
Im withdrawing as a NU gym leader as Pokemon is no longer my #1 hobby and I don't have time or bother to be on the server weekly anymore. give this highly respected title to scrub

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