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We now have a Location guide online, which contains all the basic "wild encounters" in grass, double grass, surfing, fishing, etc.

The guide doesn't have gift Pokemon, trades or 'interactable' Pokemon (e.g. legendaries), so I've opened this thread for anyone that wants to help out!

If you spot any Pokemon missing from the guide in any game post it here. Make sure to include details:

  • the game it appears in
  • the Pokemon (and its form if appropriate)
  • the level(s) it appears at
  • the location (route or town name)
  • more exact location if appropriate e.g. the floor number or room in a cave (check the route in our guide to see if there are sub-routes listed)
  • any special conditions needed (e.g. items/Pokemon you need to have in your party, or in the case of in-game trades, the Pokemon you trade away)

Other suggestions are welcome. For example, a few routes list multiple areas but the exact same Pokemon in each (particularly in ORAS where data was added from the data-mine). So they can be combined.

PLEASE READ! There is no need to report missing symbol encounters in the Wild Area. None of them are there currently and that's well-known. Also, please actually include the information in the dot points!

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Do Hidden Hollow Pokemon count?
can the guides include roaming Pokemon?
What about Mirage spot Pokemon?
@SmartYoungsterLorika please post answers, not comments.
Is there any way we can help get locations added for areas like the Safari Zone and wandering Wild Area Pokemon, besides simply mentioning that they are missing (which you've known for years)?
PokemonDB's location guide would be far and away the best if it weren't missing so many details. I and others in the community know how to work with the data and would probably be willing to help if the option was available.
"We now have a Location guide online for B2W2"

Is it only for B2W2 or is the statement outdated?
Yes it is very outdated.
Good lord Pokemaster is the busiest guy on the internet

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Idk if this is supposed to be here but it is quite annoying that there is no friend Safari data on this site at all. Serebii has a complete list of all Pokemon you can possibly find.

I know that these don't have percentages but it would be nice if it would show up in the location data for a Pokemon