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I noticed that on the Admin page the "moderate" thing says "No Content Waiting for Approval" I am not entirely sure what this is for but if my guess is correct certain Questions and Answers need to be approved by Mods before being published (though I have never seen any). If this is correct I recommend that when a user answers a moveset question it should need to be approved before being posted (with Experts, Editors, Mods, and of course you being excepted from this rule). That way we know whenever a user has posted a moveset answer that needs to be hidden without it being unnoticed for a long time (I have been seeing this a lot lately). This makes it so we do not have a ton of bad sets constantly showing up. Also if you could explain the "moderate" page to me it would be much appreciated. Thanks :)

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Tag to long? XD
i thought it was the question.
Or maybe instead we could make it guided, like my earlier question. So it would ask for moves, ability, etc and the sprite would be provided.

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This is in the works. To be exact, it will flag all "late answers" for moderation i.e. anything a certain time after the question was asked.

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