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Whenever I log into the pokebase I'm also logged into the meta and BS.
Although, when I log out of the pokebase I'm still logged into the BS and Meta. Because of this, I've had many times when I log out of the pokebase and I'm still logged on in the meta and BS while I'm doing other crap.

While this seems really trivial, there are a few reasons I think it should be changed

A. Most of us are lazy or forgetful enough to almost never log out of both.
B. Mostly pointing towards users with any kind of editing abilities ( getting lots of those ). That leaves an opening for anyone in our home or near the computer we were using to be able to screw with it if they feel like it.
C. All of the people who are reading this and are now going to take the time to log out of both will probably be annoyed by it :P

Just a little thing I saw, not really any kind of rush on being patched up.

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I think this was mentioned before, but thanks for reminding me :)
Same here.
June... xD
I was just pointing it out XD

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Just to update, I am looking into this. I think it's a bug in the Q2A software.

However, I did find that if you close the browser, it does log you out of all sections. So it should be OK for most people as they likely close their browser when they are done browsing.

UPDATE: this is now fixed.

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