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i went back and saw all my activaties and noticed i and some other users answered with the best or only (but still correct and good) answers but these answers and no other answers were selected as "best answer" even though they deserve it
so can anyone do something about it ?
most questions that have great answers on them but no "best answer" belong to users who asked only that question and never returned but i think it still counts

thanks for reading and i hope pokemaster can do something about :)

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It doesn't really matter. If an answer has a lot of upvotes then it's clearly the best, it doesn't need the BA star.

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but in unpopuler questions where threre are no upvotes even though theres clearly a "best answer" it should be announced
Don't worry too much about it. Mods and other privlaged users will select a best answer when they see one, and as Pokemaster stated it is usually pretty obvious what the best answer is. I see your point though; a good post should not go unoticed.
The real reward is knowing you helped out! (said in a really cheesey friendship voice)
@charizard then upvote whichever answer is clearly the best, so that it *does* appear at the top.
I think he may be referring to his OWN answers :\