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This is all theoretically,

There would be a button to click to click a BA from someone else's question.
Lets say its a good answer. People Click the BA button. On the 10th click the answer with the 10 BA clicks automatically is the BA. The question asker can also select a BA. But if the BA that the question asker has less Button clicks, the one with 10 is still the BA.

Its all still floating in my head. I will most likely edit this 3 or 4 more times so that people get a better understanding of what I'm trying to say.

Hopefully this can possibly come to life some day, and thanks to anyone who took the time to read this.

What would be the purpose of this? If a BA isn't selected a mod will eventually get around to it (during a BA spree), and if a "not as good answer" is selected you can take it up with the author. It feels like it would collapse as a lot of people would "select" their friend answers and create dupes.
this is true. These "Dupe" accounts are from greedy people that are scratching for points.
This is actually a decent idea, though Flafpert is right, there are a load of people who have friends who'd willingly select their answers.

The dupe thing is fairly easily resolved; we can just make it require an amount of points. Maybe 200+.
yeah, that would work.
Honestly it's not like this is a big deal. BA's don't matter :P And there's no way 10 people will vote on a single question on a pokebase.
Also this totally negates the voting system, if you like an answer VOTE ON IT.
^ That's why this really isn't important at all really.
I don't see a point in this, since mods will usually BA an old question if the answer deserves it. I agree that if you like an answer, just up vote it.

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The BA is for the original question asker to decide. It's what best answered their question.

If they don't select a BA then Mods are allowed to do it for old posts, but in general it's not important.