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I am almost done with my research for an online browser pokemon game. The only thing I am missing is a complete list of all pokemon (does not have to be B/W) of their learned abilities AND AT WHAT level they are learned. I see a few sites that show this, but they are of a drop down menu type. I need a chart version to import to SQL.

my current DB collection:
- experience points per level per pokemon(way hard to find)
- All 17 pokemon types
- All 559 Moves (and stats as well as descriptions)
- All pokemons themselves with stats
- All catch rates for each pokemon

Is there a chart out there that does this?
my programing skills allow me to pick apart text listing if I have to, but its easier to import tables.

this site (as an example, I can write a program to import that, take about 30 min):

is good, but not complete.

does pokemon DB have such a "master list"?
thank you for the great site!!!

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Unfortunately, there's no open page like this on PokemonDB, and I doubt the internet has it either, because the amount of weight that would be put on a single webpage would be terrible.

That's why websites are put into a drop-down, organized, and stylized database format of archiving. It's basically for organizational reasons, as well as for the reasons of not having to waiting a couple minutes just for one big webpage.

You'll have to do it the old-fashioned way: find your information via other sites, get some serious PHP code flowing, and make a database, or if you want to be the first to, make a big page that displays Pokemon and all of their moves.

Rome wasn't built in a day, after all! =D

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I was afraid of that, but thought I would through it out...
I'll see what I can come up with.
The other thought is that such a chart would be so massive that a person would get lost in it.  Charts are design to give information clearly and quickly.  This is why that what you listed are usually in two or three charts instead of a massive one.
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(I moved this to META since it's about the site, not Pokemon directly.)

Firstly, you mean "learned moves" not "learned abilities". Abilities are different and cannot be learned per se.

To answer your question - no, we don't have any sort of master list on the site (it would be HUGE if we did). But the moves each Pokemon can learn are listed in their pokedexes. So feel free to copy-paste the tables if that is feasible for you.

One site you may want to check out is http://www.legendarypokemon.net which has some data for download. They may have what you require.

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