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People are always going to be asking for ingame teams. So I thought I might write up an ingame team article for any number of games that I feel like doing. Of course, the only point in me doing this would be if it was put somewhere (on the site, in a question). So answer and tell me if you would put it somewhere if I do write it up.



Venusaur: Venusaur, Dugtrio, Jolteon, Lapras, Snorlax, Fearow

Venusaur: Razor Leaf/Frenzy Plant, Sleep Powder, Cut/Strength/Sludge Bomb, Earthquake
Your starter evolution if you chose Bulbasaur.
Razor Leaf provides a STAB attack with a lot more PP than Giga Drain. Frenzy Plant is actually a good move for an ingame run, so it can be used as a good finishing blow to the foe. Unfortunately SLudge Bomb is only available as a TM later in the game, after the Elite 4, and as such is not as much a viable ingame move. You can replace Cut for it when you do get it though. Strength can also be used as an HM over Cut, if your Snorlax is wanting Thunderbolt or Thunder this is a good idea. Sleep Powder can give Venusaur the chance to win some otherwise tough battles and also makes it easier to catch wild Pokemon. Cut is an HM. Earthquake is high powered and provides coverage.

Dugtrio: Earthquake, Aerial Ace, Rock Smash/Cut, Rock Slide
You can catch Dugtrio at Level 31 in Diglett's Cave, which at that point in the game might be a higher level than your starter Pokemon. If not, then it will still likely be a higher level than the rest of your team. With high Speed and solid Attack, Dugtrio is a solid Pokemon for ingame. Arena Trap even makes wild encounters more likely, which can be helpful for training or finding a specific Pokemon. Earthquake is very high powered STAB with great coverage. Aerial Ace is coverage, as is Rock Slide. Rock Smash is an HM move, although if Venusaur is using Sludge Bomb or Strength you might want to use Cut.

Jolteon: Thunder/Thunderbolt, Pin Missile, Double Kick, Rain Dance/Flash
A powerful Electric type, it has excellent sweeping stats and so can do huge damage. Volt Absorb is also a solid ability, as immunities are even better ingame than in competitive. It might not have much of a movepool but it still proves itself a helpful member of the team. Thunderbolt is unfortunately a TM, so if you want Lapras to have it, Thunder is the way to go. Thunder is also the way to go if using Rain Dance. Pin Missile helps out against the Abra family. Double Kick against Normal types such as Snorlax. Rain Dance gives Thunder 100% accuracy, strengthens Lapras's Water type attacks, and removes Venusaur's Fire weakness. Flash however can get rid of your foe's accuracy, making wild Pokemon and stronger foes do nothing to you, as well as provides you with an HM. However, Flash is not one of those needed HMs, as some people can navigate through the caves without its use. If you have trouble with this though, Flash is the way to go.

Lapras: Surf, Waterfall, Ice Beam, Thunderbolt/Thunder
Your Water HM Slave. It is used over other Water types mainly due to its STAB Ice attacks. Lapras proves incredibly useful against the Elite 4. Surf is considered by many to be the most important of the HM moves and it also is an awesome attack. Waterfall can back up a Surf that is out of PP, but more importantly it is an HM. Ice Beam is a great STAB move. Thunderbolt is coverage, although Thunder can be used if running Rain Dance on Jolteon.

Snorlax: Return, Shadow Ball, Flamethrower, Strength/Thunderbolt/Thunder/Focus Punch
Snorlax is an excellent Pokemon, having high stats, two useful abilities, and a good movepool. It also comes at a decently high level, not Dugtrio high, but good enough for that point in the game. Return hits hard with STAB. Shadow Ball gets coverage as well as hits any Gengars that Agatha uses against you. Flamethrower provides coverage also. The last move has mutliple solid options. Strength is an HM that backs up the PP of Return. However, you can use Thunderbolt or Thunder (depending which you used on Lapras) to provide type coverage. Focus Punch is the final choice, and it can be useful as an incredibly high powered attack when your opponent uses a status move. However, due to the unpredictable nature of the AI, this might not be your best option.

Fearow: Drill Peck, Fly, Steel Wing, Hyper Beam
Your Flying type. You get it early on in the game, meaning you can start training it right away. Fly is a favored HM because it lets you get from place to place with ease. Drill Peck is a much more useful move for battling though. Steel Wing provides type coverage. STAB Hyper Beam is a powerful finishing move, and is actually good for ingame use.

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Sounds cool.
I like it
You're a genius, Trachy :D
I agree with jcm, not only is this idea genius but the team, I always took me forever to beat leafgreen
nice to see you willing to spend a LOt of time on that...
Selfless, generous Trachy.....
No offense ^_^ peace
Cool, maybe I could help too :D
Sure, we can have mods and editors (maybe even experts) write up something like I did for teams they found worked great.
I call Platinum :D
Please make one for emrald, my favorite game. I get by with sceptile, gardavoir, fly gon, salamance, Walrein and ninetails
Oh, I wasn't thinking of each mod writing up a separate section. I was thinking we could all add our input for each section we wanted to. SO I could write up FR/LG like I did above and Josh could do the same (not the same Pokemon of course.)
Dont worry trachy I was just kidding XD
This is an amazing idea, pm please allow it
Dammit. I wanted to do Platinum :( It was my first game ever.

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Sorry I'm late answering this. I think it's a great idea! So feel free to start the questions or get others to ask them if you like. Title them something like "What is a good in-game team for FireRed/LeafGreen?"

I also had a similar idea to list the best Pokemon you can find in each game. For example, in BW2 you could say Riolu because you can get it quite early and Psyduck as it's the only Water type (apart from Oshawott) you can get early on.

I don't know whether we should combine these or do two separate questions for each game. Thoughts?

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Thank you
Haha! Cool! I've never really played competitively before, so I'm always in game. I agree we should allow this! With the 'best Pokemon' thing, I'm not too sure. Any Pokemon can be awesome (proof: FEAR), and putting others higher than other isn't really my thing. Still, trachys suggestion I am up voting!
No, he meant best Poke to start with cause they are easily findable.
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Pokemon Platinum

Torterra: Torterra, Luxray, Floatzel, Lucario, Rapidash, Gengar/Alakazam

Torterra: Wood-hammer, Earthquake, Crunch, Rock-climb

Wood-hammer for STAB as you can not get Seed-bomb until after the E-4 (Note you need a heart scale to remember Wood-hammer). Earthquake he learns by level up as soon as he becomes a Torterra(lvl.32), this provides excellent STAB. Crunch gives very important coverage against Lucian, who is the hardest of the E-4, which will prove very useful. Rock-climb is an HM but it can also confuse the target.

Luxray: Crunch, Thunder-fang/Thunderbolt, Iron-tail, Strength

You get Shinx very early in the game so a Luxray is easy to get. He has a very limited move pool, however he is still a valuable asset to the team thanks to his huge Attack stat. Crunch is for Lucian. Thunder-fang is his BEST PHYSICAL STAB(remember this is before Wild-charge), so Thunderbolt is an option but if you choose to get Gengar then it is better on him. Iron-tail is for some coverage. Strength is HM and neutral coverage. (Note: If you actually are willing to take the time to breed him then Fire/Ice-fang are options).

Floatzel: Surf, Ice-beam/Punch, Waterfall, Focus-blast/Brick break

Buizel comes in fast so this will be easy. I know TWO WATER MOVES but this is ingame and two HMs is more than worth it. Ice-beam/Ice-punch is IMPORTANT this is the guy who is going to take out your worst enemy CYTHIA'S GARCHOMP Floatzel should outspeed him if you level it up enough and then POW dead Dragon..Shark...Thing... Ice-beam is easier to get as you do not need to collect shards for a while to get it. Surf and Waterfall are STAB Hms. Focus-blast for power, Brick-break for Coverage.

Lucario: Aura-sphere, Dragon-pulse, Dark-pulse/Psychic, Extreme-speed

He takes a bit longer to get as you do not get him until Iron-island, however; he is very useful. Aura-sphere is STAB and very useful for getting the occasional Double team Pokemon. Dragon-pulse is coverage(NOTE: I do not expect Lucario to outspeed Garchomp to use this unless you level him up a lot and with EVs or trade a choice-scarf to him). Dark-pulse or Psychic, Psychic if you choose Alakazam, Dark-pulse if you choose Gengar. Extreme-speed is good for finishing off things, like Alakazam or if Floatzel does not completely kill Garchomp.

Rapidash: Flare-blitz, Bounce, Mega-horn, Poison-jab

This guy is pretty much your ONLY option for a fire type unless you choose Infernape. He comes in the game very fast. Flare-blitz is very strong stab. The rest is coverage. This is your main guy for defeating the Ice gym and the Bug E-4.

Gengar/Alakazam: Shadow-ball, Psychic, Thunderbolt/Shock-wave, Focus-blast

Gengar gets T-bolt Alakazam gets Shock-wave. Both are useful special sweepers that you can catch early in the game. It is up to you.

However you could switch Lucario/Gengar/Alakazam out for a Flying type, most likely Staraptor.

Staraptor: Close-combat, Fly, U-turn, Steel-wing

Also you may want an HM slave to carry the weak HMs like Rock-smash and Cut. Bibarel and Lopunny are decent options.

Will give more info later

If you Choose Chimchar as your starter you should replace Rapidash for Roserade. If you choose Piplup as your starter replace Floatzel for Roserade.

Infernape: Close-combat, Earthquake, Flamethrower/Flare-blitz, and Shadow-claw

Empoleon: Ice-beam, Surf, Waterfall, and Earthquake

Roserade: Magical-leaf/Giga-drain, Sludge-bomb, Shadow-ball(If you choose Gengar)/Stun-spore, and Cut

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