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So! How did the Wi-Fi tournament go? Are we going to be able to post them more often, or what? I know several of us weren't able to compete (I was away from home) and I'd like to know what is going to happen. You can leave an answer giving me feedback, or if you're a mod/editor you can tell me if any action is going to be taken to post more wi-fi tournaments.

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We've had 3 now so I'm sure we will have more in the future but I doubt for a while as b/w2 is just coming out
Can't pokemon BW1 people battle Pokemon BW2 people?
Hopefully. I'm not interesting in getting BW2.
:O noway. But if the games can trade between each other, like I'm told, I'm sure they can battle.

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There will be more Giga but there will be about a month at the least period between. We will have two tourneys and we cant always leave one with Wifi open. But we will have more, it probably wont even be a month in between probably after 4 or so PO/Showdown tourneys.

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Alright, thanks.