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Okay, I was just wondering, you know how when you reach 500 Points on Battle subway you can Edit, Retag, ETC. Why aren't we allowed to hide?

I think we know what's allowed and not allowed if we have reached 500 Points in Battle Subway, if not this, then maybe make it to where 800 Points and you're able to hide things.

I just find it kind of annoying when there are no Editors / Mods on, and there are several RMT's that break the rules that slipped in over night or something, and flagging is kind of inconvenient.

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That's wayyyy too much power for just 500 points.
RMT is pretty much dominated by only about 10 users, it's going to take more than just asking questions to get you to 500 or 800 at that.
I completely agree 500 is to little to edit anyway, I say 800 to edit though people that would lose privileges should keep them.
Though hiding is an editor's job, I do agree on meta and battle subway if you reach a good amount of points, you should be able to hide. People at those ranks clearly know what they're doing.
1500 on both sections sounds good.
Excuse my grammar, I'm on iPod :)
That's why there are experts to edit the grammar :P
Yeah but you've got to put this into perspective also, Josh the highest Battle Subway user has almost 3,500 points, which you could consider an outlier. So the next highest is Trachy, which can also be considered an outlier, So that leaves mew with about 1,800 points, Which is still fairly high, so if you make editing 1,500 is still on the high end,

I'm content with around 800?
I know where your coming from but as Pokemaster said its a high privalige and as spoink has shown you can reach 600 in 2 months eventually people will reach 1500 but chances are you will already be an editor.
I would say 1200 but it sounds biased coming from me :D just about to hit it but I guess it could make up for the fact I won't be an editor.
Thanks mew lol
I don't think how long a user has been here should count that much, everyone knows spoinks posts are very good, so he obviously deserves his 500+ points, no matter if he was here a week or 9 months,

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Because hiding is an advanced privilege, and plenty of people who reached 500 may not be good judges. Only users that gain trust are given the privilege, otherwise people could answer a few questions then go and hide a ton of posts.

Flagging prevents that by making sure several users agree the post should be hidden.

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