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I have noticed that some people have green text or green vertical lines in there questions and answers. Are there anymore of these thing on the site and how do you do them?


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Yep. Lemme explain this to you.

  • The green line, or blockquote is used to put information from other sites into your answer. To make one, put ">" and the text directly after it.

>Here it is.

  • The green text is formed by putting "`" in the beginning and end of the text you are trying to convert. Its purpose is to make a fixed-width font which is useful for making tables like this. And also adding special characters, see the h1 example below.

Here it is

  • A line is used to separate blocks of text from each other. It's the line right above this sentence. This is accomplished by putting 3 or more "-" in a row without spaces.

There it is

  • A word / sentence can be made bigger and bolder by butting a "-" directly under the word / sentence. Or adding # before the text.

Here it is.

You can make big green letters by combining the Green text with the bold and large text.

Here it is.

Here it is.

You can do this with the code <h1>Here it is.</h1>

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- Big orange letters such as the one seen in my answer here: are performed by putting "<h1>" in the beginning of the text you're trying to convert and "</h1>" at the end of the text. Example is the very last example.

I couldn't explain this without it actually being displayed in the answer, so I needed it to be a comment. If I missed any, tell me.
Wasn't there large green text? Hyperlinks?
I added some more info :)