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This suggestion comes after a new user did this to me today, I may have overreacted but this is the 5th time I can remember a downvote for a similar situation.

I'm a fussy person I'm not gonna lie I hate downvotes and rarely give them.
I have a record to keep up ;) and maybe I am over reacting but this has happened to other users that I have seen.
One happened two months into joining I think it was Black Empolian I had to ask him to remove a vote to someone, no reply no removal.

My suggestion is, is clearly just make it so you can't vote on opposing answers.
New users see it as opposition and if you would argue what if the answer is bad, then I'm sure other users can downvote.

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I suggest being unable to downvote others. What about if something like this: http://pokemondb.net/pokebase/91956/what-pokemon-are-good-weather-sweepers happens? There are 5 good answers, and they aren't conflicting each other.
I like this, idea, I think it has happened to us all once or twice, though to me it doesn't seem 'practical', in a way. Maybe the opposing answer is incorrect? You then couldn't downtove it. Since this pretty much only happens with new users, maybe just do this for those with under 500 points. The rest of us don't need to cop a voting disability for something we don't do. Pokemaster makes the final call though - I'm so-so with this idea.
A point cap is for the reason it's not just for users that are new, it just happens to seem most new users are the culprates. It's not ment to be a ground breaking idea just a fix up on something that has really annoyed me in the past.
If the answer is bad I'm sure someone else will vote down if needed, this wouldn't apply for higher ranks like expert or those who can edit.
Make it so they can up-vote other answers but not down-vote.
Not to bash on anybody, but IT IS ONLY TWO GOD DAMN POINTS!!! If you aren't going to down-vote just because of that reason, anybody has full rights to call you a moron. And full offense to anybody, just because you have 2000 points doesn't mean you have more knowledge than the ones lower.

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The others have pointed out the flaws in this approach. You could downvote then answer. And plenty of times the other answer is bad.

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A new users instinct is not to downvote then answer, and if the answers bad just flag it I'm sure others would downvote the bad answer.
This happens to me and others and it really annoys me.