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1: Up the Editing limit, as Meta points are super easy to get. 1000.

2: Go a bit more in depth with Edit History. Don't allow users to re-edit something into a post that was edited out by an E / E / M, it is edited out for a good reason.

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Meta points are not easy to get....
They are, Riles got 110 from van report, I got 190 from db league and if there was t a limit intimate skies would have gained 380 from name changer.

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For #1: you are right. I actually put it up to 2000. We don't really need people editing on Meta, and people who got mod/editor privileges on Pokebase can also edit on meta.

For #2: I intend to add a "rollback" feature like Wikipedia where you can undo an edit. So if a user edits a post back, the mod/editor could just click a button to restore their version. I guess I'd need some way to tell mods/editors that the post they edited was re-edited... might be complex...

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