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  • Am I not allowed to do anything on this website?
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and this question did not need approving! :I whats goin on?

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The approve thing is so new users like yourself don't post stupid things. A mod, or editor will approve it evantually. It takes time and a meta post complaining dosent speed up the process. Be patient and most likely Mew will approve or reject it shortly.

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And can i just ask how many points do you neee to stop approving
I think 500. Don't take my word though, I'm not sure.
Wow! I was wandering this so this really helps me! But, is there a way to find out if your question got approved or not?
Yes. There is no actual programming in the system to tell you; however you will know when it has been approved when it shows on the question you posted on. It will also show on your profile too.
You only need 30 points for your posts to be always approved. It's just to stop spam mainly.