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How do points go up/down for each of these?
Are there other ways to get points up/down?

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Up voting questions and answers are 0 points though receiving up votes on any section are +10 .
Downvoting is -2 though receiving a downvote is -10 .
Gaining ba gets 20 points though giving gives 2.
Hiding requires no points though only Editors, Moderators, and Pokemaster can hide any post. You can also hide your own posts.

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the first 2 meant if MY question/answer is upvoted
It says 10 for receiving
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Activity on the DB and what it can do to points:

Upvoting: Receiveing gives you 10 points, giving does nothing.
Downvoting: Receiving decreases your points by 10, giving decerases by 2.
Best Answer: Receiving gives you 20 points, giving gives you 2.
Flagging/Hiding/Showing: Do nothing.
Editing/Retagging: Do nothing.
Approving/Rejecting: Do nothing.
Answering: Does nothing.
Asking: Does nothing.

The above counts for all members of the site (that includes you), though you need privelages to do some of the above.

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Lol this what I said with just added info on what he didn't ask :D
Also I don't think it's 2 points for an answer, the system recently changed and that was g on the list.
I just organized it a bit, and included the other stuff, as it DOES say, 'and any other ways?'. Hope you don't mind.
No don't worry wasn't having ago just stating the answers were similar :)
But for the another way part, I didn't include it for the reason there was no other way.