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While there are obviously some exceptions, in general I approve all questions. And questions I have seen that needed to be hidden were quickly dealt with, either through the five flags or by an editor/mod hiding them.

Now I know that we can't have something removed if it isn't doing any harm. So I have two points of harm done by needing to approve questions, as well as one good song.

  1. The questions are not answered as quickly as they can be. This is especially true if there is no editor/mod around.
  2. The need to approve questions give an unfair advantage to editors/moderators, who have seen the question and are even able to write up an answer to it before-hand. This takes away points from the users who could actually use them.
  3. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=G6m0Rc1KW0I
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I hear what you're saying, but unfortunately we are getting a bit of spam lately (I just rejected 2 when approving some questions).

I know our members are pretty good at flagging this stuff but I would prefer it didn't appear on the site in the first place. Hopefully for genuine users it should only be their first 1 or 2 questions that get approved, then they have enough points to post just fine.

However, I will see if I can add some kind of notification to the site so that when you visit it tells you if there are posts waiting for approval. At least then stuff should get approved quicker.

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