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Whenever I try to post a question or answer it says it will be checked and approved shortly but that never happens. I am really frustrated as my brother can post his queries without a problem.

You need a certain amount of points to post without having your posts first approved by a mod (25 I think).
So until you get that many, anything you post will be first checked and approved. It may take some time, due to different timezones, since I'd say around now is when a lack of Mods/Editors are around.

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I should explain the system a bit to you before I go into detail. We'll start with the basic fact that until you reach 24 points, you cannot post without having your posts go through the approval process.

The approval process works like this:

  1. The person with under 24 points posts a question or answer on the main PokeBase section (the only section that requires the approval system).
  2. This post is then sent to the Admin, and special page that that only moderators or editors like myself have access to.
  3. In the Admin, this post the user made with appear, and the editor or mod viewing the page with be given the ability to view the post and approve it (so it is shown to the public) or reject it (hide it if it breaks the rules).

So basically, your brother, who has 104 points, can bypass the approval system; but you cannot, because you have not reached 24 points (unlike your brother). So until you reach 24 points, you will keep having to get your posts approved by us. A useful guide to how you gain and lose points can be found here; maybe it'll be useful to you!

We do get to the admin very frequently; it will take some time for us to see the post (time zones issues as Semp mentioned above), but usually someone will get to in within a few hours.

What may have made you think that we don't check it is the fact that you posts are being rejected for breaking a rule. You don't get notified when your post is rejected/hidden (which is something that may change in future), so I understand how you feel at the moment.

Just looking through the list of hidden/rejected posts in the admin, I can't find any that you posted. In fact, the only thing that you have posted is this comment according to your profile page, so that is definitely strange. Possibly your hidden content was deleted?

If you have any more questions, leave a comment below.

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