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Say there is a question I ask, and I get an answer for it.
If that answer is no good, than I am pretty much stuck with it.
Without repeating questions on the Pokebase, do you think you could add a feature where users can re-open questions that need more answers?

Since all that shows in the Pokebase are recent activity and recent questions, older questions will never be acknowledged and will only be answered if stumbled upon.

This would be a nice feature to have, and I hope you take this idea into consideration Pokemaster!

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I agree completely MidnightSky!!
I've already suggested something like this. See the first item on the related questions section.
Good Question :D
I like the Idea!
Ezactly what im talking about

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The current suggestion from some users is to add "unresolved" to the question title. Make sure to remove it when the question is resolved :)

There should be some better controls over this in the next version though!

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