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Someone's been spamming me.
In the span of 5 minutes, I rocketed from 32,844 all the way 33,104...


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  • Fizzcube
  • TechnoBlastBoy
  • ♠SpumWack♠
  • Dr.Shavargo Pt.3
  • Mew :3
  • bearry05

Guys, I know that I'm ridiculously awesome, but spamming me isn't the way to go.

Just in those few minutes he gained 100 points. That is all I got shots of tho, both of them are a bit late. - B3N

Some has now spammed me down.
Pokemaster, find out who this person is, please.

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Lol I wish I got spammed
Makes questions about getting spammed upvoted gets two upvotes in 3 minutes
lol that's a bit different
Btw no one ask why I am up at 1AM because I really have no legit answer.
Why are you up at 1 AM?
^ You...what have you done?
Meh i was just spammed up 200 if anyone wants to know
For those who didn't see, bearry05 confessed as the spammer.
He could be trolling. I'll let Pokemaster check.
Fair enough.
who knows who it could be
I promise it was NOT me.
lol, this seems like it never happened.
I'm 2500 points higher than that already.
I just saw Holy Name* select loads of your answers. And he also just selected loads of Fizzcube's answers as well.
That is not spamming up and this was resolved over a week ago.
A week ago? o_O
I know why Ben was up at 1 am...
Why is that?

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Getting this off the unanswered list:

Meh, it was a measly 100 pts, and it was removed anyway, so... Also, a little spam like that doesn't compare to the massive boosts I be giving to deserving people. Plus, who wouldn't want to troll you Mew?

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In a span of a minute though...