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Ok this might sound stupid but it's really a follow up to the DB League as that's not even active anymore. So everyone really liked the League it was quite popular until like a month ago. Well I bet some people out there who still like a bit of a competition that's not a tourney.

Basically the idea is to have Clans and they can battle each other to get a higher stop on the Clan ladder. The #1 Clan on the ladder is obviously the best Clan. I idea isn't too have all the good battlers in one Clan, like Mew and Sf and Blobyolo and Kyron, but to get some noobs and help them improve so they become better. Each Clan will have a Clan leader, who the Clan elects. Usually the best battler but I don't know.

People can join a max of 2-3 clans at a time. Anyone can be accepted into their first Clan that they choose, but if you want to switch or join another that Clan has to accept you, either the Clan leader says yes, or you prove your skill to a worthy member of the Clan. Hopefully not every tries join one Clan, because someone like Mewderator is in it.

Anyway this is my general layout of the plan, hopefully some people will take this idea into consideration. I know it sounds a little stupid, but give it a try, at least? :)

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And we can get classes like middle class and first class :D (i'm obviously first class :p)
Okay, I really like this suggestion and I really hope it happens, but I have a suggestion do we don't have like 2 clans that just rip everyone to peices: **Only 1 mod per clan**. Since mods are typically insanely good battlers this should even out the clans a little bit more.
And noobs like MewMew and Miike better too.
MewMew and Mike are mods lol. And I would think we would want a relatively small amount of people in each clan, so we could have enough clans to have a variety.
Aww, thanks for the enormous amount of compliments in that post :P
I like it we can even have one meta post for the clan stuff.. List of Clans in the question and the laddar in a answer
Very nice suggestion, hope this is actually approved by Pokemaster!
I'm sorry, I just see people getting angry about the clan ladder like they did with the League.
If this happens, i might get back into battling. +1
OMG a Pokemon Clan +1
I'd love for this to happen!
All I do on Showdown is watch battles and make teams and I don't really take part in tournaments. And I don't want to download PO. Can it not be JUST about tournaments?
Nvm, this is not the definition of a "clan". Plus, it's basically just mini tournaments. This'll die real soon. Removed my vote.
Well then what's your definition of a clan ._.
Yeah what is it?
Well, I had an idea for this where a clan would be more of a group and would consist of 3 people. Each group could only have 1 mod and we would have a group ladder. The group at the top of the ladder would be recognized as the most respected battlers and would basically just have the right to say that theu are the best. The groups objectives would be to continually move higher on the ladder. Groups would challenge the group above them on the ladder in and move up should they win. Groups can only challenge or be challenged once a week and in order to win against another group, 3 tiers are randomly selected and each group would select who they want to battle in each tier and then the battles would be done. Whichever group wins 2 out of the 3 battles would then move up on the ladder. I don't know if this would work but it is an idea and it seems like it would be relavant.
Yeah a clan would usually consist of many members who would do stuff together like play/battle and make teams together.
It's like a communitee inside a communitee that tends to be more competitive hence 'clan battles'.
This is where the laddering and that comes in. But each clan can have stuff like newsletters kept to one post and there are differant roles in the clan.  That's the impression I have had from being in a few clans on Xbox.
Yeah Ben that's a great idea but what I was thinking is a Clan beats another Clan that's above # 5 or something on the ladder they get 2 points, and below they get one. So then it could be laddered on points? And the ladder can only be edited by Experts+, so no trolls can get it. Well that's how I think of it, anyway.
I call dibs on being with Hex/Mike. GG
I like blobbys ideas. Oh and i dibs being with blobby.Hail unite xD
Pika, Hex isn't active, and I don't think Mike will accept random demanding people xD
Fine, i'll just force hex to be active >:3
yo mew + mike, since you two are kind of noobs, you can join my clan and i'll help you improve!! :)
Guys, I have a question: Since people in Clans are kinda there to learn, is that going to mess up the Tutor and Apprentice thing if a tutor and his/her apprentice are in different Clans?
Tutor's can still teach Apprentices. Clans don't really separate people, just so they can battle with other people and such.
Cool. But I think I read that you can join two or three. Maybe only one at a time.

I may be mistaken about that.
Mmm. good Idea! If only my wi-fi was more efective XD

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And let us not forget B3N, Kyron, and Flame, that I suggested this long ago but never posted due to the disapproval of SF and Mike. This idea is currently popular due to the League's major slow (DT has seem to forget about it). Just thought Id recall these factors. Anyhow, I suggest that we respark the League and establish Clan Captains based off of the 8 Gym Leaders, except with a NEW Tournament hosted by another Daily Active Mod such as Mike. TBH I never wanted DT to run the League as I forsaw the outcome.

Anyhow, I agree of a DB Clan. However, I can see the separate Clans idea developing into feuds. That is not a great idea. A DB Clan should include everyone, as we are all apart of the DB. Here is the System that Kyron and I developed long ago when we thought of it:

The DB Clan was going to be divided into Teams based off Tier, and the number of each member in a team would be based off the number of Pokemon in each tier. The minimum amount of Members are 3 and the Max 5. The collective Teams will make up the Clan as ONE whole. Note that as a C
*For example NU would have 5 Memberrs as the largest Tier and RU only 3 as the smallest.

Each Subdivisional Team will have its own Ranking System as also mentioned above. Similar to "Seats" of Band and Orchestra, the Member with
a.) Clearly displayed Superiority Knowledge, Experience, and Records
b.) Dedication (Activeness on the both the DB and respective simulator)
c.) Recomendations or Votes from Mod, Expert, Editor, or Normal users (a Mods Vote worth more than an Editors, an Editors worth more than an Experts, and so forth)
will be deemed Captain, the Leader of the Clan.
The Second, Third, [Fourth and Fifth] Seats will have to apply to the Captain and meet his designated conditions to become apart of the Team.

The Captain is, as said before, thr Leader. He or she is responsible for arranging Team Building sessions, Tutoring opportunities, etc. They must be active and should appoint the 2nd Seat to comand if they must be Inactive.

Note that each Team only Specializes in a Tier: it is not a restriction from others. An OU Team can still compeye in NU; they just SPECIALIZE in OU.

Each Team should NOT be divided from the other. The Teams are together a Clan, and shoupd still interact and operate as a whole. This system is just unique in in depth Ranking, in which to encourage Memebrs to get better.

And yes, you can also move up in Rank. You can challengr someone for their Seat.

This is how Kyron and I developed it. I personally Promote this idea.

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Erickhill I perfectly get your point, and it's understandable. I'm not saying I hate this idea and it's a pile of crap and the idea and you are retarded and blah blah blah, I'm saying it's not perfect and I thought maybe I could pitch in and point out a few flaws to help out with your idea.

For using Blobyolo and JirachiCelebiMew as the Experts, I meant it as an example. I know we have Hex and Trachy and Mew and whoever else. Also, I'm not going to be rude over something like this. I never will be, I know how critisism (Or critical hits xD) makes others feel, I've been a part of it myself.

Poke'slash, I really get your point of how this could become a rivalry between users and actually your first point was just what I was trying to get through. It won't be socially fit to have someone who's playing RU all the time to drop it for a bit and start sharpening up on their OU and expect people to just deal with it or accept it or whatever.  

Anyway if I am being rude, I am sorry. I'm just trying to get a little point across. I removed my downvote as I realize it was pointless and I was being a bit childish doing that. Anyway I hope I got my point across.
so many long comments...
I dont think anyone would judge, im the proclaimed King of Monotype here at the base yet no one judges me when i get whooped by Mew at OU,UU, or NU XD. Seems kind of a stupid thing to judge people on dont you think?
Yes it is 100% idiotic to not judge you for winning against me in OU :P jk
Also, thanks for the slap in the face. *thumbs up*

Has no influence with everyone leaving all at once. It wasn't that I was "Forgetting about it," though I acknowledge that it was slow.