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First of all, what is "Fan Fiction"?

Fan Fiction is where you can post stories and poems. It's as simple as that!

An example

I saw a dark shape in the sea. It was huge and graceful. Suddenly, I realised it was Lugia. Then it jumped out of the water and started singing its magnificent song. Lugia's wings blotted out the sun. It stayed there for a few minutes and then dived back into the sea.

They can be as short or as long as possible.

I know this is a Q&A, but it could do with some spicing up.

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I am not too opposing to this idea, its okay...
I hope Pokemaster likes it. He'll probably want to keep it like a Q&A.
I don't like it, it just doesnt seem practical.
yeah, its not really a question, besides, people will get easy upvotes for good poems etc. BTW which section of the site is this going to go on? It wouldn't look right on the PokeBase...or the Meta...or the RMT.
He is suggesting a whole new section
Well, yeah I am.
I suggest a section for this in profs.
What is "profs"?

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This will probably be allowed if/when I get a general forum up and running.

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But when? I can't wait for a forum!
That or you can use http://www.fanfiction.net/  which caters specifically to this kind of stuff.