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Because once,someone said:"*** was the most hated person since Overload"
So,what did Overload do?

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Overload repeatedly spammed the chat even after warnings. He also made Duplicate Accounts to spam upvote himself.

Alright, we found a spammer. Pretty sure it is, but not entirely sure.

http://pokemondb.net/pokebase/user/Unknown Power 3

Spamming each other. This supposed "brother" was is being spammed. He has went from 20 to 92. His answers and questions aren't all too good. They were upvoted anyway. ALL OF THEM WERE. Here are the links:

Not convinced that it's not just a coincidence? Look at this. How would a new user know trachy already? They had never met. A possible reason is that it's just a duplicate of Royal Pichu, and he's lying to get more points.

Also, even if he isn't a duplicate, he answered his sibling's question: http://pokemondb.net/pokebase/70853/breeding-question#a71093

Here's another one, reversed: http://pokemondb.net/pokebase/71053/moves-for-this-abomasnow#a71083

The accounts have VERY similar styles of typing as well.

Pokemaster, please check.

Screenshots in case of removal of spam:

As trachy quoted:

>...he breaks the rules almost every single day. Answering old questions that have good answers, getting mad at the mods for doing their job, and the whole being just a bad user in general.

^ Evidence.

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When I got on the chat for the first time, someone(don't remember who) joked "It's Overload in disguise!!". I was so confused, LOL, and the joke was on me.
I'm kinda glad this got asked, because since then I've been curious about Overload.
Ok,that is just so,well,disturbing,thanks.
He also spammed me up