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Why? Why do they get to get SO many points with BAs and Up-votes meanwhile the rest of us barely get any up-votes? It's not fair at all.

I can understand really good answers should get the privalage of getting BAs and Up-votes but a lot of answers made by Experts, Editors and Mods are getting A LOT of points with Up-votes. This is what inspired me. (I'm guessing this is going to get hidden)-_-

    PS: I'm not saying every single Expert, Editor gets a lot of up-votes
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I strongly agree with this +1
yes I do agree
Xtreme, don't add "Mewderator" again please
Yesyesyesyesyes. This is god. +1. I Agree with this.

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As answered in the other question, Editors/Mods get more upvotes mainly because their answers are better and they are more knowledgeable.

Maybe they are getting upvotes when there are better answers that should get them instead, but I haven't seen that myself.

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I know, I'm tring to give Database a sign
I gave a more detailed answer at one point but Mew's answer got the BA and way more upvotes. It's fine because in the end I have enough points to upvote which is what I wanted.
your answer had wrong information in it MrKijani until you edited it.
What info was wrong?
Just stop arguing. The Q was hidden, point.
I'm just wondering. Anyway I guess you're right because I edited it out.
everytime i make a good answer the n00b gives a BA to the first answer in 20 seconds and when its not as good I get ignored, someone posts a better answer and gets BA
Guys points really dont matter its about helping people
yeah I know just sayin