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I want a definition. An exact character number. And A line limit.

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S tupid
P ointless
A nnoying
M essages

This link will help you.

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lol i knew that was what it stood for ;)
Haha Spiced Ham! Sorry couldn't resist (is this comment ironic?). Although I grew up believing that SPAM stood for "Specially Processed American Meats" and only just learned the error of my ways when researching this infantile comment! So thank you, I learned something new today :D
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Sending the same message indiscriminately to (large numbers of recipients) on the Internet. ~ Google definition

Basically, spam on the DB is posting/doing unnecessary or repetitive things over and over, much to other people annoyance. Spam is often considered to be spam if a person on Chat begins spamming things like 'OPPAN SPAM STYLE!' repetitively like LordMagikarp did for instance, and not stopping if warned. Usually spam reaches around 20+ posts, but repeating the same thing over and over is enough anyway. Spammers are normally kicked off Chat, so you shouldn't have to worry too much about that.

Spam is usually acceptable if nobody is on Chat, so long as it's not insulting or anything inappropriate, since nobody is there to be annoyed by it.

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I was kicked for posting... LOLOLOLOLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL LLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL LLLLLLLLLLLLL and then ... ... ... ... each posted only once/// So why was i kicked?
Probably because you were probably going to keep doing it. Spam doesn't have to be across multiple posts; posting a lot of the same thing in one post is still the same.
I was not... But ok. The ... ... ... ... was from Salamence saying that i wasnt kool...
It still might have been annoying for others. Though if there is a legit reason for doing it, maybe.
CoolSammichHero, your post was a very exact definition of spam.
Using all of the additional L's were completely unnecessary.
LOLOLOL would have been enough, the repetitiveness in L's was probably what got you kicked.
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Ninja's definition is pretty good.

On the Q&A, what I usually refer to as spam is basically any advertising message that is not called for. Often these have links to dodgy sites. They are usually posted by automated computer programs, or at least people not interested in Pokemon.

In the chat room, spam is basically just repeating the same thing several times, or posting complete nonsense.

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