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There have been lots of requests and complaints about Scyther and Electivire up top there. I personally don't really care, but to make everyone on this site happy, maybe we could have a .......vote? I know you made it clear that there are to be no polls here and that jumbo, and thats fine, but maybe this could be our only vote. I think you should make a list of every pokemon and allow each user ONE vote to ONE pokemon. The top two voted pokemon could go up top. Don't vote me down ok! I think it would be nice for our users and maybe end the question for good, cuz its been askes lik 6 times. ---just suggestions You could add like a vote button to each pokedex page so people could click on it and submit their vote. it could end in 2 weeks or whatever. ---just suggestins

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Meh... I like Scyther and Electivire up there ;)

The problem is a lot of Pokemon don't work well in the design - I've tried quite a few different ones in the past. But I was thinking of finding a few other combos and having random headers or something.

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Perhaps more special holiday headers?
I like the holiday idea!

(Like the Stunfisk on April Fools)