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I think it would make an interesting section on the site (and I think this was suggested in the past).
Although it isn't exactly real information that people can take a look at, it does contain information for users to vote on which displays statistical information!

In short, I mean that adding some type of Polls section can gather information about what types of Pokemon like, or what games users like, etc.
You can even use this in the Meta; I remember you asking a few suggestions or opinions from users on a few Meta questions yourself Pokemaster!

But I don't know, just an interesting thought.

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I agree with you completely on this one, Sam Sam Sam Sam. I've wanted to suggest this for a long time. Things like "Best Water Type" or something like that would be interesting. Maybe we can have organized polls, instead of random people asking questions.

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Yes, I definitely want to set this up at some point, but it will take a bit of work and there are other things to do first. Eventually I will do it!

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PS: You could put polls in the little spot below " Useful Questions "