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Ok so maybe one day someone gets kicked but it wasn't fair. Say the mod was annoyed or general having a bad day. The people in the chat may disagree but they can not stop that mod from kicking. What i believe should happen is that when a mod clicks the kick button a vote automatically pops up on every active user on chat. Therefore people will be able to vote against/ for a kick.
Then if the votes are unequal then the side with the most votes will be put in force. So say if i am about to get kicked and a mod clicks the button the votes turn out like this.

Number of people For Kick: 7
Number of people Against Kick: 6

If this happend then the KICKBOT would claim another victim. If it was...

Number of people For Kick: 6
Number of people **Against Kick*: 7

Then i would fend of the KICKBOT and return him to his cupboard.
This system would boost the fairness of kicking and would be one step closer to solving the Modding issue that people are concerned about.

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The mods never kick for a bad reason, EVER. (But trachy is an exception :P). Even If they did, 10 minutes is not a big deal. The people who get to vote about the kick might just hate/like the user and the kick will be biased which is exactly what you didn't want to happen.
Nice idea +1

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So If your friends are all just fighting or if a person makes up a new account to defend themselves, you can override a kick pretty easily.

A proper democracy assumes that everyone has the best interests for everyone. If anyone is biased or has a selfish desire, the whole thing falls apart. If that were the case, there wouldn't be any need for the kick in the first place.

I've been seeing this pop up quite a bit, but I don't know why people are acting like mods are really quick to jump at people without warning. Kicks come after several warnings, and even it if war unwarranted, it's 10 minutes, and is much easier to have the off chance of a mod being "unfair" (note, after several warnings we don't have to give, as well as an explanation of why the person in question is being kicked, all to go out of the way to be as fair as possible to people) than it is to have to constantly deal with everyone trying to override everyone.

Thank you for spitting in every mod's face. :)

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I am not saying mods are quick to makes kicks. What i am saying is that if something has annoyed you at home or somewhere else. It makes your decissions irratinal therefore making a kick unfair. I am not saying that anyone here makes irratinal kicks but i am trying to prevent it from happening. If anyone talks about something to do with mods they take it all personal. I never said anyone on the site is doing it but it is a suggestion, it isn't real and may well not be.
So no i didn't spit in any mods face.
Have you observed this as a common problem? If you have, I could understand your point, but that's just making up a hypothetical to justify your point. If it's not a problem, then there's no point to it.
I haven't noticed it with mods but i have with users. They obviously can't kick but they still say "I am so annoyed!'. Normal users are not different from Mods so what is stopping that happening to a mod?
I'm not saying it isn't possible. I'm saying that by doing this, you bring up the problem of everyone overriding every little move someone makes, and that they won't necessarily have the best interests for the site. It's a lot easier than the off chance that someone may be in a bad mood and risk someone being out for 10 minutes. I think it's a better problem for someone to be unable to access the chat for 10 minutes than to have the problem of everyone constantly rebelling against every little time someone needs to shut up.
And if Pokemaster allows us to have our kicks be made for less time than ten minutes, this might help even more as minor annoyances just get maybe a minutes kick.