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I am not posting this on the suggestions thread to due this being a bit important.

This can cause controversies, such as when a new user has answered but needs approval. Sometimes, Mods / Editors don't get to approving that fast, and the user that needs approval will be shown as answered 1 second ago. Suppose approval doesn't happen for an hour. Users that answered in the correct timeslot would be looked down upon.

So I suggest in removing it, and revert back.

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I still prefer:
asked 4 hours ago by _____
approved 1 second ago by Mew

Good suggestion though.

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It did do that before but it changed in the recent version. I agree it can be confusing.

For questions it should probably update the time, because otherwise it could go onto the second or third page. Although it's still in unanswered.

For answers then the original posted time does make more sense.

I will look into changing this.

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