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I've been wondering for a while ...

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I believe it was something to do with the fact other websites like Serbii were hard to navigate through and looked naf. Remember the Pokebase came some time after the database.
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I've always wanted to ask this question

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For the main site, there wasn't a specific "inspiration" as such. At the time I didn't like other Pokemon sites out there. They had the content but I found it hard to read and navigate. For Bulbapedia you have to search for everything that you want to find, there is no menu. And it was years before I even found that Serebii has a menu on the right hand side of the pages, I thought it was all ads.

I just wanted information listed quite simply, hence the "database" format and name. I always think about the best way to display information and so on... which is probably why it takes so long to add stuff to the site, I'm too much of a perfectionist ;)

As for the Q&A section, I said on this question:

The software we use (Question2Answer) is loosely based on Stack Overflow. They use their own original system, not Q2A. They kind of revolutionised the Q&A format and were the inspiration for me starting this site.

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Pokebase, Meta, and Battle Sub way are easier to navigate throug than other sites like and I would say the pokemon data base is way easier to navigate through. That is why I prefer the pokemon data base to help me! Thanks for making it!
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I totally agree with Kyurem. Pokebase is way easier to navigate than all of the other sites ive seen. Of them all this is my favorite.
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