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Whenever I try go back and try to edit a long answer, I can't because the Ipad won't let me scroll down the answer box.

Also, when I am holding the Ipad vertically, the search bar at the top disappears, when anywhere on the site apart from the Meta, Battle Subway, and the Pokebase Q and A.

Finally, it's impossible to copy pictures from the sprite gallery.

Could these problems be fixed please?

You stole Ayan's tag. .-.
Did I... I don't know. Sorry if I did.
I have no problems with the answer box or the sprites on my iPad. Perhaps it is just an issue with yours?
And the thing with the search bar disappearing is because the site changes to work more efficiently on mobile devices which are held vertically. So if you want to keep the search bar, hold your iPad horizontally like I do.
YES!i have the same problem too, on my ipad
I can relate because I do almost all of my Internet browsing on my iPhone (our computer is a dinosaur). Also, I experience almost unbearable lag when typing. Dunno if that's anything he can fix through the site.

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