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I want to be able to ask for help with in-game teams on battle subway, but I've been told that I can't. So, I thought that we should be able to get help with in-game teams on battle subway-rmt

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Pokemaster, I just got info to where to find in-game help, so you don't need to do anything. Sorry for wasting your time.):

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We have them for every region and every grouping of games(Black and White 1/2, Hg/SS, D/P/PT etc.)

Use the related questions on the side of the one i gave you to find the rest.

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Just tagged each one with 'in-game-team', so you can find them all here:
So, I could get in-game team help there. Thanks, Pokewatt.
Thanks to Fizzcube also for tagging them in-game-teams. That makes serching for them easier.
However, many players already have an in-game team that they may only want to have improved or have someone suggest a last Pokémon for it.  Where could they get help in that case?