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When I saw that Fizzcube had edited a question, I clicked on it. But in the edit history, it said that Sent_By_Ravens had edited it, and said nothing about Fizzcube. Whaa?



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I've noticed this a few times also.
I edited it right before Fizz did. Near as I can tell there wasn't a large enough amount of time between the edits for it to distinguish that 2 different people edited. However, this does seem kind of buggy and it wouldn't be a bad idea to fix it :D
Ben is correct. The edit hisory won't update who edited the post with the name of the person who made the most recent edit if the edit was made within 5 minutes after the previous one. Interestingly, the contents of the post ARE updated. Little bit buggy, Pokemaster may fix if he gets the time.
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Poke'slash xD
You and your tags xD
SBR & Fizzcube do you guys remember exactly what each of your changed?
That's Weird but maybe there's some way to Glitch That Thing.Maybe Fizzcube or Sent_By_Ravens have an application to Glitch some post. For Example, it would be happen like this:   https://discussions.apple.com/thread/4159652?start=0&tstart=0

i hope this is helpful     
Well, I appreciate you trying to help, but I had already given BA to Pokemaster and everything. I'm gonna trust his answer, because he made this site, but thanks for trying.

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Basically what happened was Sent_By_Ravens edited the question, then Fizzcube did. But whatever Fizzcube changed does not show up on the list of edits.

That's normally because they only changed tags. Though it may be because the edits were close to each other, I'll have to double check.

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I'm not sure what Fizz changed, but I edited in the "(TCG") part at the end of the title.
Ben's edit made the 'TCG' thing appear at the end of the question, thus meaning a second question mark appeared. So I moved the 'TCG' thing before the first question mark.