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This system would help us (users) to see and weigh by value which additions to answers are more valuable.

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Meh, if it doesn't give you any sort of reward then what is wrong with commenting and saying "I agree with ___"
If there was a rating system for comments then they'd be exactly the same as answers but just in a smaller font...
Not really. As the Rules section states, we can comment if we have small additions to answers, but not a very different one ourselves than from the one posted. With the liking system, we could see which advice is more valuable, and which should be taken with a grain of salt, because unlike one person saying "I don't agree with that" the up vote/down vote system would help us see what an entire database of experienced pokemon gamers has to say. However, for this system to work, there would need to be both an upvote button (with  a tally) and a down vote button (with a tally)
As quoted from someone (don't remember who) this is the DB not Facebook.
But this is a practical system. Facebook isn't the only website with this, fyi.
The system isn't a popularity contest enabler; it is, ultimately, to improve one's gaming experience.
Well it's actually quite easy to tell which comments have to do with the answer/question. If it's not obvious or is random, then they are generally hidden. Sorry I just don't see much point in it :/
While your opinion is valid, some people might not be able to tell what is good advice or not. (Say new users, for example)
"With the liking system, we could see which advice is more valuable, and which should be taken with a grain of salt" - that is exactly like the answer system. I see no difference.

In any case, if there's advice that's not practical/ good, more experienced users will call it out.

Also, I know it's shocking, but comments are sometimes... just comments? They don't need to be pieces of advice, or any extra information, but are actually opinions, or just random observations. I don't think it would be fair to give or take points for someone's opinions.
So true ^

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This is actually a decent idea. If there are a lot of comments you don't always want to read through everything to figure out which comments are good information and which are... just comments.

However, with the way the current system works it would be a little difficult to add this easily.

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