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Ok so i little thing i realised.
Nothing major but it is kinda annoying.

On a profile page the gravatars are slighty left from their name.
Pokemaster, can you put the gravatars directly under the users name.
I know its not much but meh, i could be OCD.

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Oh my gosh Scizzy, so picky xD
Actually, I would like this to be done as well...
Lol Mr.K
Thats a bit picky
Is it that bad
^ I think the same...

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It's because the heading is centered across the whole of the page, whereas the gravatar is centered only across that left column. A similar thing happens on question pages like this one.

I'll be redesigning the Pokebase section soon along with the rest of the site, so this may or may not be an issue in future anyway. I'll keep it in mind ;)

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Thanks PM, i just realised and it started bugging me.
Makes me wonder what the Pokebase/Pokemon Database will look like after the redesign! Makes almost a little exicited.
OMG a sneak peak!! so epic...