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If we give a wrong answer to any question will our points be deducted

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Anybody who has over 80 points will be able to downvote, which will deduct 10 points from your score (and two from the person who gave it, to prevent people downvoting people for no reason or just jealousy). People will downvote incorrect answers, so generally you will end up losing some points by posting an incorrect answer. The site doesn't know when you post something incorrect, so it's up to the users of the DB to downvote a bad post.

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So can we protest against it ?
Protest about whether a post should have a downvote? Well, there's nothing stopping you if you can prove it as correct.
"So can we protest against it ?" <-- Yes, don't post incorrect answers!!
Edit: oh I thought that said "protect". Um, well just post correct answers and you won't get downvoted. Also, don't post if there is already a correct answer unless you can add more information.