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I managed to catch him on Showdown earlier and told him what was happening, and he said he has changed his password and while he did not know anything about what happened, it has been like 2 days since this happened and we can keep an eye on the account for activities that imply someone hacking him. Also, if there is a hacker, banning him won't stop him if he really wants to get on, which can be understood by reading Hex's recent post. I want my AyanAyan back ;~;

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this assures me about some of my concerns. I hope Ayan comes back if possible.
He talked to me on showdown and wondered who hacked his profile and deleted all his questions so I`ve gotta agree. I hope Ayan comes back.
I'm all for this. I'd be pissed if someone did that and got me banned. +1
I want me sweet old BB back ;~;
It's about time I had a decent conversation with him.
BenBen. I.L.Y.

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Well, I just know I'm gonna get into horrid trouble because of this account. It's Raised By Wolves.

Yes, yes, "OMG OMG, RBW CREATED A DUPE," but I needed to.

I won't say who suggested it. Anyway, I was just wondering when I'll be unbanned, 'cause I've been banned for a week.

I know, there's also the arguement that I don't deserve to be unbanned...but still, just wondering...

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Can you explain what happened with the hiding and everything?
Of course, Pokemaster, TBH I was afraid I was gonna be forgotten and when I made a dupe you'd get really angry.
So from what I have heard, users say I was hacked and that I was acting weird that day or something. But that day I was actually out of town, to a city where my uncle doesn't know the meaning of Internet. So yeah :/
And when I come back, BOOM, I'm banned. Also, all of my points aren't back.
Also, I don't mind if I could continue to use this account, but preferably the old one with all my points back on it if it's not too much trouble.
Ayan. I want you back on the DB for good. ;-;
Thanks, Poke'slash. I miss you too.