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I'm just full of ideas today. :P
Not quite the same report button as this question: http://pokemondb.net/pokebase/meta/1200/i-suggest-a-report-button.

The idea would be that if you saw something like a repeat question, a bad answer, etc, that the button would be there, and there would be an icon on that question indicating it has been reported. That way, one of the editors can take a look at it, and if it should be hidden, then it can be done. If not, then we could just remove the report icon and leave it as is. This would make it a lot easier to see questions aside from ones that are voted down. (It's a lot harder to see the answers since you actually have to look at the question.)

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yes i agree people breaking the rules and voting my questions down hiding them and deleting them. D=
@Tysonyoshi Not trying to be mean but..

A. RMT questions ( All you've posted that i've seen ) break the rules.
B. Thats why people vote them down, although I haven't, because I realize you are a new user, and most likely didn't know that it was an illegal question.
C. When your question is deleted, it is by an editor, like DT, because your question was invalid, so they hide it.
theres plenty of other questions like that and they survive so why cant mines too?

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There will be a "flag" option in the next version which should cover this.

New version gets released in the next week or so! So hopefully by the end of June this'll be in place, along with giving some people editing permissions based on points.

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yea but sometimes its typical questions like is this a good team or what happens after this or that seem to get taken away by the editors
All team questions aren't allowed -_-
one problem there could be a lot of false reporting