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So today on Chat we were discussing the Expert point level and how so many people are getting it so easily by spamming answers. So then I thought, well why not keep the Expert point level the same, but have the mods/PM handpick the Experts out of the users that have reached that point level. So for example lets say User-1 got 6,000 points by spamming answers and not really being a good user to the site. And then User-2 also gets 6,000 points but has helped the site a lot, and also is a good user. So a mod decides to give User-2 Expert for being a good user and stuff. And even thought User-1 got 6,000, he didn't get Expert because he only got it by spamming answers.
Anyway I think this will help the Expert Population from getting to high, while still letting the point level stay the same.

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My suggestion is slightly different. Seen as Expert is a nice title, instead of handpicking at 6000+ we hand pick people at any point range. Obviously someone with 86 points would not be promoted. But users like Rio would because they deserve it. Whereas people that hit 6000 can still edit. Just not have the title. To many people care about expert and as long as it takes 6000 points to receive it, the title will be worthless.
Feel free to edit that in, Blob :D
What I don't understand is why people don't like having many Experts. What's wrong? All they can do is edit.
I agree with all of this, but if a regular user contributes well to this site, they should become a handpicked expert.

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As has been explained many times before (like here), "Expert" is just a title and does nothing on the site (because anyone at 6000 points can already edit posts). Also, it doesn't matter if the "Expert Population gets too high". There is no reason to limit it.

Given all that, if the other mods feel like giving some other good, trusted users the Expert title then that is fine. Or we could remove all Experts, that is fine as well.

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Hmmm... Ok :)
I like the second paragraph. How about we take them all off and then readd people? And if we can handpick, I'm down. I now 3 people who are deserving.
That's true. There are many people who are hidden in the shadows of other (possibly) more deserving candidates. Users who are liked, friendly, helpful and just all-around great. Users like Poke'slash, Stellar Lucario and SuperTyphlosion!
those are some very worthy experts there Ayan, but you forgot yourself :D

Rio should also be mentiond. But I assume that the mods already have that coverd :D
Oh, come on, I don't deserve it THAT much :)

Everyone knows that Rio deserves it, I'm talking about the people who deserve it, but are not noticed enough.