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I checked my recent updates and these links that I've never even been to appear out of nowhere! All of them Pokemaster has been to! What happened?

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you sure you weren't on PMs profile >.<
How could I get on his account?
I, ZoroarkMaster132, am now officially scared. I am SHOCKED!
Did you "favorite" him (Pokemaster)?
yes i worship him like everyone else
In future please write an actual question in the question box. "I'm kind of freaked out" is not a question. Thanks.

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Did you "favorite" him (Pokemaster)?

commented 1 hour ago by SuperTyphlosion

yes i worship him like everyone else

commented 1 hour ago by ZoroarkMaster132

The "Recent Updates" will show threads your favorite user(s) commented on, answered, or asked.

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Also, you can click the "My content" link at the top of the page to show only replies to your posts.
ok thanks